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Buility provides complete visibility into product discovery and delivery, enabling CPOs to guide their teams with clarity.

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Why CPOs
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Bring product teams closer to strategy.

Real problems
Real problems

Ensure product efforts tackle real customer problems.

Business results
Business results

Lead product teams based on desired business results.

Fresh market insights

Get closer
to your market

View customer problems and see the latest insights. This context makes it easy for CPOs to take decisions and set directions for the teams.

Customer problem

It is difficult to prioritize what to focus on

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Product discoveries & goals

Get closer to your teams

Coach your Product Managers by exploring their ongoing product discoveries. Easily see how each team tackle customer problems and business objectives in the always up-to-date Opportunity Solution Trees.

Set product strategy

Lead with confidence and clarity

With the context and insights in Buility, CPOs can set clear directions for the teams by assigning them goals to achieve. See how every discovery and delivery contributes to business objectives.


Buility integrates with your favourite tools.

Our mission

To empower Nordic SaaS CPOs to drive tech product innovation in an ever-changing market.

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