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Buility is the leading platform for capturing and organizing product insights using AI
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A conversational feedback channel

Capture insights from your customers and stakeholders in a conversational feedback channel. The AI asks smart questions to understand the underlying problems.

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Categorize insights

Self-organizing feedback

All feedback from the conversational channel are automatically summarized into insights by the AI. The insights are automatically linked to relevant product opportunities.

Plan for product success

Opportunity Solution Tree planner

Use it to plan objectives, opportunities, and ideas to address. With our market-leading OST planner, you'll see how every opportunity, idea, and objective is connected. You can explore every part of the tree further by viewing insights added by our AI and by users. Build strong product cases in minutes and get internal buy-in from team and stakeholders.

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Built with the intention of keeping your data safe

We consider the safety and privacy of your data to be of the highest priority. With Buility all data is handled securely, in accordance with GDPR and we ensure no external actors gets access to train on your confidential data.

Customer & Stakeholder experience

What your customers & stakeholders see

The conversational feedback channel is excellent in two ways; it is great for people giving feedback and it is great for people receiving feedback. The smart questions asked by the AI makes it easier to give enough context and clarity around feature requests and general product feedback.

For product managers

Why product leaders love Buility

Product leaders love Buility because it allow them to spend more time in the solution space and less time in the problem space. Buility makes sure the right questions are asked when receiving requests and feedback, it makes sure everything is PERFECTLY organized at all times, and that all product insights are easily accessible at one place.

Opportunity created

Buility creates & updates opportunities automatically based on all the feedback you receive.

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See insights & chats

You can always dive deep into specific problems by exploring the actual chats that people have had.

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Organizing all feedback

All feedback gets perfectly organized into insights and problems, without any manual workload required.

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Conversational feedback channel


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